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    LUXURY sensation
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Taste for the select, how valuable and rare underlying human need of the beauty, elegance and individuality, it has been transforming along of the centuries, until you reach the modern conception of the LUXURY as refinement and search for what is even better.

For millennia the symbol that represents it is the GOLD.



The main objectives of Artesanos del Vino Valencia S.L. are that consumers enjoy the quality, feel the exclusivity, discover new sensations and surprise your senses.


ENJOY unique QUALITY moments

In a universe more and more interconnected, the quiet, space and time are converted in true LUXURY. The quiet and tranquility in our coupages, the exquisite selection of each of our varieties , a long time of fermentation and ageing, allow us to enjoy unique moments with 24K and ONE through their outstanding QUALITY.



Artisan hands working on the elegant and unique desing of the labels covered wiyh gold to dress 24K, artisan skill in implementing the Champenoise method, making only short series limited and numbered have made 24K to acquire a global identity as a reference to what is really EXCLUSIVE.


DISCOVER new gold LUXURY sensation

Gold has for centuries served as currency, has embellished the body of men and women in the form of jewelry, represented gods and trophies. Ancient cultures have used in foods and beverages. 24K binds most glamorous drink with the most luxurious element, the gold. Discover the sensation of drinking gold. 24K is the jewel that is drunk, a real LUXURY.



The ONE products not only seek to provide the highest quality produced by the traditional method, are also created to surprise the SENSES creating new sensations. Traditionally sparkling are used for celebrations and leisure, ONE converts this special moments in amazing and unforgettable moments.

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