Our products brands are 24K ONE

24K Gold


We commercialize directly from winery, developing variants from high quality sparkling wine that differentiates us from other manufacturers and generating new sensations in our clients.

Disgorgement of bottles is done when the order is firm. On this way we can ensure that the product will arrive in perfect condition to our customers.

24K is handmade. Small limited and customized series. The making process of each bottle is the same as more than 200 years ago.

Long ageing on his own lees


Handmade removing

Removido Manual

Removido Manual

Handmade disgorgement


Handmade corking and labelling

Embotellado Manual

Etiquetado Manual

Each bottle has certificate with serial number and name of the person who receives it


We customize 24K for special clients

Personalización Ferrari

Personalización Ferrari