The ultimate gold experience

24K GOLD with its gold flakes, it has secured an important media repercussion within the last gastronomic tendency by quality and innovation. It is well known in Europe the tradition of making a toast by putting inside the glass a golden ring, as symbol of future wealth. For centuries, it has existed an exhaustive search of a liquor, an elixir to obtain immortality and eternal youth through gold, attributing to it aphrodisiac powers and helping to re-balance the positive energy to the organism. The Spanish Monarch Felipe II elaborated an “elixir” with his own blood and particles of gold in search of eternal youth.

Enjoy “The ultimate gold experience” White or Rosè.

Elaboration and tasting note


Blend — CChardonnay, Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Peralada, are those used in appropriate ratios for each year maintain the same line of quality and ensure the consumer a high-end product produced with the traditional method champanoise.

Making and Ageing — Made an extreme selection of grapes. Gentle pressing in order to obtain the first must. The first fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 15º-18ºC for around 10 days. We have underground cellar which maintain the ideal temperature conditions for the second fermentation and ageing period in the bottle. The second fermentation process is less than 13 degrees Celsius, very slowly, approximately in three month, at less 60 months of aging in close contact with the lees until you reach your optimal level of fragrance and getting a finesse and integrated bubble.



Clarified — After ageing the bottle is inverted and moving eighths of round doing that the lees be deposited in the bottleneck.

removido 24K 2

Disgorgement — The next item is the extraction of lees “hot” (not frozen) pure style artisanal and traditional, leaving the sparkling completely clean and then add the expedition liquor with edible gold flakes (E-175) in the same bottle mix it. We use the best corks to close the bottle.

Labeling — Labels are made from gold plated metal. We put manually each label on the bottle. Each bottle has certificate with serial number and name of the person who receives it.

Tasting note — Pale yellow with good fine bubbles that adhere to gold flakes, providing them elegant movement in glass. Intense fruit (pineapple, apple…), tones of pastry with a background of herbs and quince notes. Balanced but intense, good sparks detachment very well integrated, long and persistent, end fruit aromas. The presence of the gold gives a silky texture and a metallic tone difficult to distinguish whether the mind or the palate…

Food affinities — This product accompanied an excellent way to any food or time, above all is a unique product for important moments and alluding to the ancient cultures already using precious metals food way we could say that it is a source of health (eternal youth), money and love…

Analysis — Alcohol degree 12% Vol. Blanco, 13% Vol. Rosè
Sugar 12 gr/l (Customer can choose dry or sweet)

Content — 75cl.

Serving temperature — From 5º a 8ºC

Presentation —