ONE Supreme

ONE SUPREME is a product is a product created to impress the sense of sight. It´s really unbelievable to see it moving, like fire, like hurricane, really a colour storm. The most surprising is that this visual effect doesn´t change the original flavour of the sparkling wine elaborated by traditional method. Develop of this product was done in Artesanos del Vino in 2007, the first around the world and we wait for two years to introduce it in the market waiting check the evolution of the colorant inside the sparkling wine. Authentic glamour in the glass, spectacular and amazing for parties. The combination between metal label and Swarovski crystal provide us a beautiful presentation.

Elaboration and tasting notes

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Blend — Chardonnay, Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Perelada, are those used in appropriate ratios for each year maintain the same line of quality and ensure the consumer a high-end product produced using the traditional method champenoise.

Making and Ageing — Made an extreme selection of grapes. Gentle pressing in order to obtain the first must. The first fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 15º-18ºC for around 10 days. We have underground cellar which maintain the ideal temperature conditions for the second fermentation and ageing period in the bottle. The second fermentation process is less than 13 degrees Celsius, very slowly, approximately in three month, minimum 3 years of aging in close contact with the lees until you reach your optimal level of fragrance and getting a finesse and integrated bubble.



Clarified — After ageing the bottle is inverted and moving eighths of round doing that the lees be deposited in the bottleneck.

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Disgorgement — The next item is the extraction of lees leaving the sparkling completely clean. The dosage of expedition liqueur brings between 10-15 grams of sugar per bottle but each market demands different quantities of sugar customer can choose his optimal dosage and colorant E-171 and E-172 that give a special visual effect. We use the best corks to close the bottle.

Labeling — Metal label with Swarovski stone in different colors (you can choose color).

Tasting note — Good release of fine bubbles forming a crown. Intense notes of mature fruits (citrus, apple, pineapple), yeast and baking tones with a background anise with hints of hay, honey and quince. Input intense, fresh and harmonious, good carbonic well integrated and very soft on the palate, fruit flavorings with a long lingering finish.

Analysis — Alcohol degree 12% Vol.
Sugar 12 gr/l (Customer choose depending each market)

Content — 75cl.

Serving Temperature — From 5º a 8ºC

Presentation —





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